Our Story

In the Right Here, Right Now era, we believe that beauty should not stand on the sidelines of this transformation, where technology has revolutionized everything from workouts to coffee brewing. The first step in this beauty revolution is the manicure. At 10Beauty, we envision a world where a manicure is available whenever and wherever you are — at your hotel, gym, or hair salon. One day, your home.

Building the future of Intelligent Beauty

Intelligent Beauty is beauty that works for you—fitting seamlessly into your busy week, not the other way around. We see endless possibilities to make your beauty ritual more efficient so you can focus on the other things in life that matter.

Meet The 10

The 10, our revolutionary automated manicure machine, fulfills the mission set by a team of world-class engineers with a track record of launching over 75 consumer products. This innovative device performs a full 5-step manicure without any human intervention. Simply insert a manicure pod, customize the manicure through a mobile app, slip in your hand, and let The 10 handle the rest — removing polish; filing and shaping nails, brushing away cuticles; applying new polish; and drying the final product. All of this, without a single blade in the entire process.

It's claimed that warriors in Babylonia during 3200 B.C. would spend hours having their hair curled and lacquered and their nails manicured and colored before going off to battle.

This leap in innovation takes a task performed billions of times over thousands of years to an entirely new level, enhancing precision and boosting convenience. The only question is: "what took so long?" Manicure fanatics spend the equivalent of one day per year having someone perform a manicure — a significant investment of time that could be redirected towards more enjoyable activities. 10Beauty transforms this chore into a delight, envisioning a day when you'll receive a salon-quality manicure while binge-watching Netflix from the comfort of your couch or bed.

We've embarked on this journey by challenging the seemingly impossible. As we forge ahead, we're assembling a diverse team with varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to tackle the exhilarating challenges of introducing groundbreaking hardware to an industry rooted in millennia-old traditions. Join us as we not only transform existing beauty norms but also explore uncharted territories in beauty services. At 10Beauty, we're not just building a product; we're pioneering Intelligent Beauty — shaping the future of beauty rituals for the modern world.