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We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment  where all viewpoints are valued, enabling everyone to contribute to our collective goals.

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We’re a diverse team  Harish bringing new hardware to an industry that is thousands of years old, while also dreaming  Melissa of ways to expand beauty  Hien services to new frontiers.

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Building products that have a positive impact on our customers.

Fostering a collaborative growth environment.

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Thinking big, working fast, and having fun along the way.

We. The team is more important than the individual.


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Why did you join 10Beauty?

"I recently joined (Jan 2024), and it is refreshing to be in such a collaborative environment. In every meeting, people come with such optimism. There is no finger-pointing; instead, there is just a group ready to work together to solve the challenges ahead and drive progress. Everyone wants to do the right thing, balance the workload, and avoid overloading any one department. Things move fast here, and every night I leave exhausted; yet, every morning, I come in rejuvenated and ready to go again."

Director of Mechanical Engineering
What’s been your experience working at 10Beauty?

"When 10Beauty first came across my radar, I remember thinking, 'This is new, this is interesting, this is a whole different realm of robotics that I want to be a part of.' We're a robotics company, but we're making a manicure robot. I've always enjoyed beauty as a mechanism for creativity, and the idea of putting my mechanical engineering degree into effect in a field that is so creative is truly exciting. The merging of something so fun yet so technical makes it incredibly interesting to me. Beyond the product itself, we're a very fun-loving company; many of us are silly, but we're also very respectful, caring, and supportive as a culture. For example, it's refreshing that we create space for a DEI Committee as the startup that we are, which sets the tone for our culture from the start. And really, the people here are awesome. We're not just coworkers; I genuinely feel like I have genuine, long-lasting friendships with the people I work with."

Senior Mechanical Engineer
What excites you the most about working at 10Beauty?

“Coming from a consumer products background with experience in a wide variety of industries, it’s been exhilarating to create such a sophisticated machine at the size and quality that we have. The innovation that is being done here day to day gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I'm excited to be part of the leadership team within our company that is going to provide a safe and reliable salon-quality manicure machine into the market - the first ever of its kind. Also very proud to be part of a company that will change the beauty industry and bring joy to consumers along the way.”

Head of Quality Assurance
What has been your experience taking on the lead role within your team?

“Our culture creates an environment where individuals can excel and truly make an impact. I feel empowered to make a significant impact as I've been given the opportunity to take on more and more responsibility. It's reassuring to know that management and the other teams trust me to do my best work, just as I trust my team to do their best work.”

Technical Lead, Embedded Software
Can you describe the people you work with at 10Beauty?

“The people here are incredibly kind. As an international woman working in tech, it's nice to be in an environment where everyone—no matter who they are or where they come from—feels respected and valued. Being surrounded by such incredible women at work is particularly inspiring to me.”

Dr. Ana
Computer Vision Engineer
What does working at 10Beauty mean to you?

“Working at 10Beauty is an opportunity to contribute to a singularly innovative product with a company that is wholly committed to product delivery. There's no product like it in the market today. The level of innovation required to make the 10 viable is unbelievable—considering its cost, capability, and the excitement it will generate. It's the type of product that, once launched, will feel like magic. That's the feeling that comes with working at a company creating a brand-new category of technology.”

Charles aka Chuck
EVP, Head of Perception
Our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We celebrate individuality within our company and know that our diversity is a strength. Equity creates opportunity. Inclusion helps people achieve their full potential. We believe in dismantling systemic barriers that marginalize so many and that we have an obligation to use our influence to help. We are committed to attracting employees that reflect the diversity of our customers – and to making sure every employee feels they belong.

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Perks of working at 10beauty

Offering a competitive employee package

We prioritize our employees’ well-being, development, and growth.

Flexible Environment

We recognize that building a startup robotics company and culture requires most of our best work to happen from our offices, where our prototypes, tools, 3d printers and team are. However, we encourage our team to work where it makes sense for them on any given day.

Company Culture

Our startup company culture is rooted with a strong emphasis on diversity, where we actively seek individuals who can bring fresh perspectives and skills to our fast-growing and dynamic team. We prioritize teamwork and collaboration as essential components of our culture.

Family-Friendly Policies

12 weeks of paid Parental Leave following the birth or adoption of a new child.

Flexible Benefits

Voluntary Life, AD&D, Accident, and Pet Insurance & Mental health benefits to support your holistic well-being.

Retirement & Savings Plan

401K through Vestwell.

Flexible Vacation Policy

In our results-oriented work environment, we empower our team to manage their work and life commitments professionally and independently.

Company-paid Benefits

Disability, Life, and AD&D Insurance.

Health & Wellness Benefits

We cover 100% of self and 75% of dependent Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance plans.

Competitive Compensation & Equity

We offer transparent and equitable compensation packages tailored to individual qualifications, skills, and experience, providing competitive compensation and equity.

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