A fully automated manicure machine for your salon_

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Introducing The 10: The only full 5-step manicure machine in the world.

Nail Polish Removal

Using proprietary custom-cut, acetone-soaked sponges, The 10 removes 100% of your existing nail polish.

Cuticle Management

After applying a cuticle softener to the base of your nails, The 10 uses a tool to brush away your cuticles.

Shaping and Filing

Without a single blade, The 10 can file and shape your nails to any chosen shape for a clean and comfortable shaping finish.

Nail Polish Application

The 10 paints thin layers of the highest quality 10-free nail polish and then applies a quick-dry top coat for a salon-quality manicure finish.


The 10 has drying inside of the machine, speeding up the dry time between fingers and coats.


Provide manicures with none of the traditional costs.

No human intervention. Insert a manicure pod, customize the app, slip in your hand, and The 10 will handle the rest.

It’s time for beauty to get smarter.


The 10 performs a full 5-step manicure.


Each manicure comes with its own single use pod.

Mobile App

Each manicure can be fully customized.

For your business.

  • Turn nailcare into a profit center.
  • Make $10k+ annually on every machine.
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For your convenience.

  • A manicure while you wait.
  • A manicure while getting your hair colored.
  • A quick polish change with your blowout.
  • A manicure wherever, whenever.

98% of salon goers surveyed are interested in getting their nails done at their hair salon.