Launching this year

A fully automated manicure machine for your salon

The only 5-step manicure machine in the world.

No extra labor required

Provide manicures with none of the traditional costs.

It’s time for beauty to get smarter.


Machine can do a full 5 step manicure.


Each manicure comes with it's own pod.

Mobile App

Each manicure can be fully customized.

For your business.

  • Turn nailcare into a profit center.
  • Make $10k+ annually on every machine. 
  • Learn about our 100% risk-free trial before it’s too late.
of women surveyed are  interested in getting their nails done at their hair salon

For her convenience

  • A manicure while you wait.
  • A manicure while getting your hair colored.
  • A quick polish change with your blowout.

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